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Dana White doesn't mind if the fight with Chimaev will be Diaz's last in

The head of the world's strongest league will not convince the fighter to stay.

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The Swedish fighter Hamzat Chimaev and the American veteran Nate Diaz will fight at the UFC on September 10.

For the American this fight will be the last under the contract with the world's strongest league. And now Diaz's fans are wondering what's going to happen to him next.

Diaz repeatedly expressed his grievances to the management of the promotion about not giving him iconic fights and generally being "dumped" from the league. Apparently, the head of the UFC Dana White is really indifferent to the fate of the athlete.

"Diaz has fought many incredible wars in the UFC. He's been a part of our company for many years. So what do I have to demand of Nate Diaz now? If he wants his fight against Chimaev to be his last, I can only wish him the best. I certainly won't be persuading him to stay," White explained his position.